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Stop spending time on spreadsheet busywork

Use AI to save hours on repetitive tasks

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Categorizing employee feedback, analyzing the sentiment, and writing a response.

Use ChatGPT inside your cells.

Use =AI(...) to prompt ChatGPT in batch. ChatGPT is great for one-off tasks. With Numerous, you can use it to breeze through repetitive work.

Teach AI to do your busywork.

Teach Numerous to do your work with =infer( ). Give it a few examples, and the AI will finish your work for you.

Write text with ChatGPT

Use =write(...) to have ChatGPT write things for you. You can write marketing copy, SEO descriptions, responses to customer messages, and more.

Generate formulas using plain English.

Just describe what formula you want, and Numerous writes it for you. Works for complicated functions: even VLOOKUP, QUERY, and REGEX.

Templates to make things easier

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How Numerous can help in different roles:


  • Categorize and analyze reviews

  • Effortlessly write and rewrite product descriptions

  • Answer customer questions in batch

Researchers and students

  • Summarize survey responses

  • Categorize information

  • Easily clean data

Content marketers

  • Write copy in batch

  • Generate SEO keywords

  • Translate text into multiple languages

Data analysts

  • Clean data

  • Categorize data without training classifiers

  • Sentiment analysis

Don't spend hours doing tasks AI can do quickly.

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  • Good for small projects

  • 500,000 characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs

  • 500 formula generations

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5,000 tokens

$30 / month

  • 2,500,000 characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs

  • 2,500 formula generations

Best value

25,000 tokens

$120 / month

  • 12,500,000 characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs

  • 12,500 formula generations

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